Boudoir FAQ

The women on your site all look like models. Do you shoot real women?

Believe it or not, the women on my page aren't models. They're just normal women who trusted me to help them look amazing! I guide from how to prepare, what to wear, how to pose, and I also know all the good angles! :-* You never have to choose photos that you aren't happy with ... but I promise you'll have WAY more photos that you're in love with than you'll know what to do with.

What's included in a session fee? What's the ballpark number of what I might spend?

Session fees include a professional hair and makeup artist (she's amazing!), studio time/the photoshoot with me, professional retouching of handpicked images, and your in-person viewing session. Most clients spend between $1500 - $3000 (including the session fee). Our product pricing is a la carte and starts with an 8x8 linen album from our professional lab. You'll be just as obsessed as I am when you see what they look like! A full pricing guide is available, just email me at [email protected]!

I'm a bit self-conscious of my body, can I still do a shoot without being nearly nude?

100% yes! Some of the sexiest pictures I've taken were actually taken while the client was clothed. There's something really sexy about a loose t-shirt and knee-high socks! We can play around with a ton of ideas.

Can my pictures remain private? I want my pictures to be a gift for my partner.

Of course! You'll have the option to keep your pictures private, to allow me to choose which I share (always flattering!), or you could even select a handful that you'd be ok with sharing. It's completely up to you!

I'm really thinking about doing a photoshoot as a gift for my significant other. What sort of products do you offer?

I offer several options from linen albums, to luxury leather albums, to amazing wall art! Personally, I know they're very well received and loved! ;)

So, will you help me pick out what to wear to my boudoir session?

Yep! This is one of my favorite things about boudoir! I'm low-key addicted to styling and buying all sorts of lingerie and outfits. I can and will help! I provide a downloadable guide to my clients that will help get you prepped for your photoshoot.

How do I book a session? What's the next step?

Email me at [email protected] to schedule your photoshoot. I'll help with the rest. :)

Where do you hold photoshoots?

I offer boudoir sessions in both San Francisco and in San Clemente, Ca as I split my time between both. That said, I am available for travel and have some great ideas brewing. Just ask!